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Bait-Un-Nasr Urban Cooperative Credit Society Limited Opens 9th Branch in Mumbra, Thane

25 JUN 2023

Mumbai's renowned non-profit organization, Bait-Un-Nasr, inaugurated its 9th branch in Nasheeman Colony near Darul-Falah Mosque, Mumbra. The expansion comes in response to public insistence and the organization's growing scope. During the inauguration ceremony, esteemed Chairman Mr. Ibrahim Ansari, Managing Director Mr. Salim Qazi, Director of Operations Mr. Abdul Rashid Sheikh, along with other directors, Branch Manager Mr. Ayub Khan, and staff members, extended a warm welcome to the attendees. Several local individuals demonstrated their full support by opening accounts on an inaugural day, providing practical evidence of their strong cooperation with the organization. Bait-ul-Nasr has established a total of nine branches in the past decade, including Mumbai and Thane, and is actively striving to establish its branches in Bhiwandi and Pune in the near future.

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